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Consultants and technical representatives

Technical Consultants and Representatives (techreps)

  • onsite and remote support depending on customer requirements
  • worldwide network of technical consultants and techreps
  • during aircraft transitions (deliveries/redeliveries)
  • during aircraft maintenance events
  • during workshop visits of engines, landing gears and other components
  • engines table inspection witnessing
  • during demo flights
  • during aircraft production
  • during any other technical activities
  • bare metal inspections during aircraft painting events for full Dent & Buckle Mapping evaluation and update
  • onsite structural repair oversight
  • borescope inspections (BSI) oversight

Entry-into-service (EIS) support

  • assistance during new aircraft type entry to operator’s fleet
  • assistance during any aircraft additions to operator’s fleet
  • subcontracted CAMO services
  • new aircraft acceptance support
  • aircraft delivery support (new/used)
  • licenced engineers support (entry-into-service team)
  • preparation of all regualtory required documents (AMP, MEL, etc.)
  • training customer’s staff for new aircraft type (CAMO and maintenance)
  • parts stock and pooling agreements advisory
  • maintenance agreements advisory
  • preparation for new type certification audits
  • maintenance and maintenance costs forecasting
  • maintenance reserves calculations and advisory
  • aircraft pre-purchase and pre-lease inspections
  • field service representatives (FSR)

Need a consultant?

Do you want to be our consultant?

Leasing agreements consulting

  • Aircraft pre-lease inspections
  • Records reviews
  • Leasing agreement negotiations
  • Aircraft delivery/redelivery conditions evaluation and consulting
  • Onsite representation
  • Valuations
  • Maintenance reserves calculations and management
  • Delivery/redelivery support

MRO selection advisory

  • maintenance proposals gathering and comparison
  • maintenance proposals evaluations and negotiations
  • quality audits at MROs
  • storage location selection support
  • support in cost optimisation of maintenance events
  • support in workscope preparation
  • technical representation during maintenance events

Aircraft purchase agreements and warranty conditions consulting

  • purchase agreements evaluations and negotiations
  • aircraft purchase support
  • warranty conditions reviews and negotiations
  • warranty monitoring

CAMO Audits

  • auditing any CAMO organisation
  • review of CAMO processes, standards and quality
  • minimizing the risk of improper airworthiness management
  • regulatory and lease compliance assesment
  • Preparing Customer’s organisation for audits – authority, lessor and other audits


  • Pre-purchase Inspections
  • Mid-lease inspections
  • End-of-lease Inspections
  • Physical inspections and records reviews
  • Engines and components inspections

New aircraft acceptance support

  • representation at aircraft manufacturer’s delivery center
  • aircraft production overisight at each production stage
  • delivery records review
  • physical inspections of new aircraft
  • demo flight witnessing
  • entry-into-service support

Aircraft teardown and part-out support

  • advisory services on aircraft teardown process
  • aircraft and components value assesment
  • regulatory compliance advisory
  • scope of work evaluation for components work shop visits
  • components acceptance and certification advisory
  • teardown MRO selection
  • components shop visits management
  • components sales and marketing support
  • aircraft recycling support
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